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Some say that “you shouldn’t talk about money in the church”.  However the reality is the church is exactly where we should be able to talk about money.  Money, like everything, is a gift from God and our theology of stewardship is that we are called to give back to God what comes from God.  Our hope is that members of our community and others who feel compelled will support our ministry financially in a way that is faithful and sacrificial.  To donate electronically, use one of the forms below.  If you have questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Tim.

Simply Giving

Simply Giving is a safe and convenient way for you to continue giving to help with Advent’s financial responsibilities.  You do not have to make a long-term commitment to using the Simply Giving software.  You may authorize a one-time withdrawal from your personal account (please note that there is a small service charge for a one-time donation) or your offering may be automatically done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,  or bi-monthly.  If desired, you can also specify which fund you would prefer your donation to go to, i.e.  General Fund, Building Fund, Agape/Outreach, Baby Pantry, or Youth Ministry.  Please consider using Simply Giving.  Any amount that you can give is truly appreciated.

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