Lake Ann Peace Park

At Advent Lutheran Church

It’s off the Drafting Table!

Lake Ann Peace Park is envisioned as a place of peace, open to all, right here on our church property.

Phase I (already complete!) is a concrete patio with tables, available to the public from dawn to dusk as a gathering place for any local groups. Call ahead to ensure availability: (231) 275-8031.

Phase II & III is a planned wheelchair accessible prayer labyrinth, open to all during daylight hours.

Phase IV is an planned outdoor worship & campfire space, also accessible, also open to the public.

This park is a space for:




-Church Groups

-Local Organizations

How Can I use the Peace Park?

-Sit in nature’s tranquility

-Meditate & Pray at the cross

-Walk the Labyrinth

-Meet w/ friends or a small group

-Conduct an outdoor wedding or memorial service

-Just be alone: to think, to thank and make peace with the world

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a circular pathway winding to a central point and back out again. It is used for meditation, reflection, relaxation and focus.

Why is Advent Doing This?

-We are all stewards of God’s earth.

-We have 10 acres of land we would like to share.

-We see this as a ministry and partnership with our Lake Ann Community.

How can I Help?

-Donate funds (Tax deductible, of course).

-Refer a contractor or craftsman who might donate skills & materials or loan equipment.

-Buy a sign or a bench to memorialize or honor a loved one.

-Stop by and use the park.

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