Outdoor Worship

Beginning on July 5, Advent will be holding worship on our east lawn (facing away from Lake Ann Road). Some important info to help you prepare:

  • Please plan to abide by the below health rules for your safety and that of other worshipers.
  • As you prepare, you will want to bring:
  • Please plan to arrive a little early to get situated. An usher will help your family get what you need for worship, and find a space.
  • You may remain in your car if you wish. Parking spaces will be provided. We will broadcast the service on 90.5 FM.
  • Ushers will wear face masks. Worship leaders (a safe distance from congregation) are not required to do so, but some will.
  • While outdoors, worshipers are still strongly encouraged to wear face masks, but this is not mandatory. If worshipers need to enter the building for any reason, masks are required.
  • Please remain in your seats and observe safe social distancing from other families. We will have a time of fellowship and conversation directly after worship.
  • The building will be open for bathrooms only. One person will be in the building at a time.
  • Chairs are set out at least 12ft apart across the lawn. Ushers will direct families to chairs, or they can choose to bring their own lawn chairs.
  • Chairs are disinfected by worship volunteers before and after the service.
  • One or two hymns may be included in this open-air worship.
  • Pastor and Assistant commune worshipers in their seats, from a 6 foot distance, with the words, “the Body of Christ, given for you,” and “the blood of Christ, shed for you”.  
  • This worship goes forward “rain or shine”, with tents and in-car options available.

We’re excited to worship with you!

For more information on Advent’s Phased Worship Plan: