We Are the Church, Wherever We Are!

Advent Lutheran Church equips and empowers disciples to proclaim the transforming promise of Jesus Christ. In this new physically distanced time of COVID-19, it can be a challenge to fulfill that mission in the ways we used to do. But rest assured: if you seek a welcoming community, rooted in God’s grace, we can’t wait to introduce you to our community of faith!

Weekly Worship

Every Sunday @ 9:30 AM

Our worship will include congregational hymns and Communion at the altar. Masks are no longer required within the building. Those worshipers who choose may continue to wear one. Disposable masks will be available at the building entrance.

Pre-recorded Online Sermon

Available Saturdays @ 5:00 PM The message for the upcoming day, plus instructions for the next day’s live-stream worship will go out via email and social media.

Click on the link:  www.facebook.com/adventlakeann  or go to www.youtube.com and search adventlakeann

Support Our Ministry

As we are all painfully aware, the financial needs of our ministry continue even when we can not physically be together. Please consider giving offerings or donations to God’s work through Advent by giving generously, either in the mail or online.

Our Mission

Equipping and empowering
disciples to proclaim
the transforming promise
of Jesus Christ.


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