Equipping and empowering disciples to proclaim the transforming promise of Jesus Christ

This is a statement of our congregational identity. We understand that our primary purpose is to live faithfully as followers of Jesus by inviting and welcoming everyone to join us in worship, prayer and service to others.  When we make a difference in the lives of others, we express gratitude for God’s grace and mercy.


To be an authentic place where the church is the people, inspired to connect boldly through ministries which feed the body and soul of all.

This is a statement of what we believe God is calling us to be and do in the future.  It honors our founding as a mission congregation called to seek out and welcome people to hear and share God’s Word and Sacraments of forgiveness and grace.  It reflects our commitment to expand our efforts to use our God-given talents to connect boldly inside and outside our faith community through ministries that make a difference for all.  

Strategic Goals

For the 2014 – 2016 planning period, in addition to maintaining our current ministry strengths, we intend to focus our time, energy and resources on these five ministry goals to advance our mission and achieve our vision.  We cannot and will not do all of them at once.  We will choose priorities, develop timelines, and be sure we know who is responsible for leadership in each goal. 

IMG_6029Goal 1:  The Unchurched
To connect with people where they are so they may experience the love of God and the fellowship of Advent.
We desire to equip ourselves to know our neighbors by sponsoring variety of community events where they can interact with us and learn more about God’s love and living the Christian life.  

Goal 2:  Poverty
To meet needs of families in transition.
We desire to focus on ministries for families with babies needing clothing and nursery supplies, children needing school supplies, and families facing food insecurity.

Goal 3:  Children and youth
To develop and foster a personal connection with God, church and world for every child and youth.
We want every child and youth in our community to enjoy unconventional and fun experiences in a positive physical environment that helps them grow in faith, explore their spiritual gifts, and develop as leaders.

Goal 4:  Healing Ministries
To increase congregational awareness of current healing ministries and asses the healing needs within our community.
We need to promote our current healing ministries within the congregation, identify unmet needs in the community, and investigate what others are doing so we can develop a comprehensive plan for us. 

IMG_5878Goal 5:  Faith Enhancement
To create opportunities for people to build a growing relationship with God through sound understanding of Scripture and sharing with each other.
We desire to use weekly messages, group retreats and teaching the fundamentals of Bible study and prayer to enhance our capacities to grow in faith and share that faith inside and outside the Advent community.